Welcome to The Musical U — Chicago’s home of BYOB group piano lessons for adults!

If you’re looking for a fun, fresh and social way to learn to play the piano, you have found it!  The Musical U is like no other piano lesson program anywhere, with a state-of-the-art digital group piano lab and multi-media learning in a BYOB setting.  Yes, that means bring your own beer or wine. To embrace this social aspect of learning to play piano, we have actually done the unthinkable — installed drink holders IN the pianos. Call us crazy.

This group instruction studio is complete with 12 authentic-sounding digital pianos used by the students and a headset system for privatized, one-on-one communication with the instructor.  The teacher’s station has an overhead camera which projects the teacher’s hand position onto two 50” plasma TV’s, allowing each student to see correct hand position.

The lab system promotes the pace at which each individual learns.  The teacher has the ability to group students together in various ways.  The Musical U offers the combination of a stress-free learning environment with an instructor that actually makes your classroom experience both social and educational. You can make new friends in the musical community, while socializing and learning at your own pace.

The various Adult Piano courses represent our flagship courses, but we will be offering a wide variety of musical instruction covering other areas of music education.  Singer/Songwriter classes, theory classes, improvisation classes, parent-child classes…instructional courses in auditioning, microphone technique and stage presence are also being formed and will debut in 2013.  Stay tuned — literally and figuratively.  :)



  1. Polly Hunt says:

    Best of luck to you and John! Your space looks terrific – hope your classes continue to grow!

  2. Sandy Kochaney says:

    My husband and I are learning to play th epaino. We would love to try your course. We live in the northern suburb of Island Lake.

    • admin says:

      Hi Sandy! Thanks for the message! Please call us at (312) 380-1490 or click on our “sign up” link to register for a class! :)

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